What We Offer at Kimbrough Basketball

Team Instruction

Stan and his staff will come to your practice and work with your team on team concepts; team defense, team offense, passing, ball handling, and shooting as it pertains to the team offense and defense. The coaches input will be solicited to find out what he or she feels the team needs to improve upon. We will take this information and put together a plan that will help the team improve.

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Small Group Instruction

Small group instruction is where we feel the most improvement will take place. Our goal is to get all our clients into this portion of our program. The small group instruction is a very intense workout, with a 6 to 1 ratio, this enables learning to occur at a faster pace. The 6 players will work hard to push each other to improve basketball skills such as: shooting, dribbling, passing and defense. This will be one hour of constant moving and working on basketball skills.

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The evaluation is the first step into the Stan Kimbrough basketball program. Your child’s basketball skills will be assessed. We will watch your child dribble, pass, shoot, play defense, run and jump. In our evaluation we will be looking to see what your child needs to work on. Stan will put a plan together to help your child improve at the game of basketball. After the evaluation, we will recommend a program for your child to enter; either private instruction or small group instruction.

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Private Lessons

If one-on-one is what your child needs you must commit to 5 lessons. The goal of the private lessons is to elevate the skill level of the individual player so they can effectively participate in one of our group settings.

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I am a former stand-out basketball player, graduate of Xavier University and a member of the Athletic Hall of Fame. After graduating from Xavier, I played professional basketball with the Detroit pistons and the Sacremento Kings the NBA. I also played in Europe. By taking part in my basketball instruction, your child will have the opportunity to learn from a person who has not only played basketball at all levels, but has proven that he can effectively teach the game of basketball to young people. I have over 10 years of basketball teaching and coaching experience.